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It’s hard to believe it’s been about two months since we welcomed our son into this world. So much will never be the same. Our birth story is perfect and I’m so glad everything unfolded the way it did. Join our Mommy and Me journey to experience it all.


Our birth story is exactly how I would have written it and I love that we had that experience. It happened just as quarantine began. Much like our the pregnancy, our second birth is similar to our first experience. That definitely has a lot to do with how physical I was during my pregnancy and also that I put out my positive expectations into the world. Make sure you check out our full birth story video on Mommy and Me.

Cooper came to us on March 12th and it couldn’t have been a more positive experience. First I went into labor in the morning after only being up for about an hour or so. My contractions started “light,” but ramped up pretty quickly. Since I felt extremely similar to how I went into labor the first time, minus my water breaking, I knew how to proceed and what to expect.

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I was extremely lucky that I gave birth right at the beginning of this pandemic. Timing wise was perfect. Dan and I were able to have our two friends come over and watch our daughter. We also didn’t have to worry being restricted at the hospital except that no visitors.

After giving birth twice and having two similar experiences I learned that my body likes to give birth fast. I tend to hit a wall during my pregnancy where the moment I don’t think I can do it any longer is when I go into labor. Being active definitely helps my pregnancies and labor go a lot smoother.

I’m so glad that this second pregnancy is over and that my second labor and delivery was such a positive experience. I delivered again at Cedar-Sinai in Los Angeles. Our experience was so positive and Dan and I are so grateful to the wonderful staff that made this experience so memorable. We are truly blessed to have had a nice safe and pleasant delivery. Make sure you check out my full video for the full birth story.


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