Beginner To Buff 30 Day Fitness Challenge Review

30 day fitness challenge

Go from Beginner to Buff with this outstanding 30 Day Fitness Challenge. If you know us, then you know that we love 30 day challenges and have been doing them every month, for years. This challenge is a surefire way to light your core on fire and get buff!


You will feel incredibly strong with this Beginner to Buff 30 Day Fitness Challenge. Our review is here to light your core on fire! This challenge is perfect for anyone who wants to kickstart this new year with an amazing new 30 day challenge. It was my the first time doing this one, but I definitely will revisit it when I’m craving that fire.

Like all great 30 day challenges, this one starts simple and easy, ramping up to what appears way to hard when you begin. But its not when you get there! The challenge only involves six exercises, three common ones and three variations. Crunches and sit ups, squats and sumo-squats, plus push ups and wide push-ups. You do three exercises per day and then after two days of a set number of reps, you do all six exercises on the third day. Rest and repeat.

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On the final day of this 30 day fitness challenge you will accomplish a whopping 50 reps of each exercise for a total of 100 push ups/wide push ups, 100 squats/sumo squats, and 100 crunches/sit ups. This definitely is a lot, but after a month you’ll feel strong enough and capable of powering through!

If the idea of doing 100 total push ups scares you, then great! This challenge is definitely for you! Overcome that fear and morph from beginner to buff over one month. Remember too that you are your own coach and you need to listen to your body. No one says you have to do 50 push ups in a row. Break any exercise up into sets as needed. Adjust to your current strength and injury history. No matter how you accomplish this challenge, you will still get all the benefits out of it!


30 day fitness challenge


The main reason why I loved this challenge so much is because it worked my body. I felt pushed every day and that’s what I always seek from a fitness challenge. This was the last challenge I did in 2022, so it ended the day after Christmas. Perfect timing, as I gave myself the gift of accomplishment. Plus, since I traveled during the holidays, doing this challenge made it so that even on days when I didn’t exercise extensively, I had this challenge for me to accomplish!

There is inherently nothing difficult about any of these six exercises. They require your full body and every one of you can do all of them. Remember to modify as needed, break the exercises up into smaller sets when necessary, and be proud of yourself no matter how you space out the challenge in your day. You will feel amazing after doing this bad boy for 30 days!

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