Winter Running Tip: Align Your Mindset

The cold weather is here! Even in Los Angeles we’re back to cool winter mornings, meaning I’m already gearing up to run on the east coast. My first winter running tip is to align your mindset.


Diary of a Running Chick: November 27th, 2017

Even though it’s a few weeks until I’ll be running in the freezing cold weather, now is when I set myself up for success. Aligning my mindset starts today, prior to facing the cold winter. Since it’s now chillier in the mornings here in Los Angeles, I can slowly adapt. Its my first winter running tip and the only one you need to face the cold. Align your mindset with what you want.

Los Angeles doesn’t get as cold as other areas, but everything is relative. When the weather hits 40 degrees in the early morning, that’s going to feel cold. To prepare my mindset, I never let the temperature deter me from going out for a run. I just add more layers and I make sure that I feel nice and toasty when I’m running. I’d prefer to be warm in a hat and gloves, than cold without them.

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If it’s too cold in the morning to run, or if I’m feeling toasty in bed, then I’m more willing to run later in the day. Even if it’s cold in the morning in LA, it will most likely warm up into the low 60s during the day. That is the perfect afternoon temperature to go running. There is no excuse for me to not adapt my running schedule and catch a nice warm run.

I can also ignore the cold weather when I run with a partner. Running with someone else in the winter is a great way to push yourself. I know for me, when I run with Dan in the winter, I always feel an extra hop in my step. I want to run faster to be closer to him and to have the run take shorter! Let’s face it, when it’s under 30 degrees on the east coast, I want to be running as short of a time as possible.


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Get out of your comfort zone. To align your mindset with winter running, you need to get out of your comfort zone. I used to not like to run in the cold. I thought it was the worst time to run and would rather not workout than run in the cold. Now I honestly love it! I love the satisfaction I get by tackling the cold weather. There is a limit, because it’s hard to run when it’s below 10 degrees. I’ve done it, but I’d rather run in 30-40 degree weather.

It’s important to be willing to let yourself just go out and run kids! I know it’s harder to run in the winter. When I’m on the east coast and it’s not snowing or raining, I’m always aligning my mindset to run in the cold. Once you embrace that, you’ll enjoy those winter runs that you can sneak in. It also makes me love the weather in LA even more!


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