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The first half of the Walking Dead season 8 is almost finished! It’s focused on All out War and now we’ve got the fallout! It’s our BuzzChomp TV vlog up every Tuesday.


I’m enjoying the first half of season 8 but it’s been slow. The first episode was jammed packed but then we’ve been stuck in the immediate moments after all out war. This is the first episode that we truly saw the Fallout.

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Rick’s plan has another day and a half. We love Rick but he definitely always thinks his plans are perfect and nothing can go wrong. He’s so adamant to Daryl that they stick to the plan! I’m assuming him getting capture by the junkyard people is part of his plan. It just seems weird and I don’t like the junkyard people at all!

Mandi and Dan love TV!

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What was definitely not part of Rick’s plan is Michone and Rosita leaving Alexandria as well as Daryl and Tara leaving. They diverted from the plan and stopped two Saviors that were trying to distract the walkers. This was my favorite part of the episode. Rosita is still annoying us those and we don’t really care for Tara that much.

We’re in the All Out War plan for the time being. At least this episode we saw the fallout! We know we have another day and a half until we face Negan again! It looks like Rick’s plan is working.



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