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Ultimate 2020 Stocking Stuffers Guide To Go Overboard

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Stocking stuffers are my favorite part of the holidays and this year we are going overboard. These are the Top 10 ultimate 2020 stocking stuffers. Big gifts in small packages.


It has been quite the year and I have thoroughly been looking forward to the holidays. Go overboard if you can, especially with the best gifts of all, stocking stuffers! They are my favorite part of gift giving and growing up I couldn’t wait to see what was in my stocking. Now I love surprising my family with big gifts in small packages inside their stockings.

These are the Top 10 ultimate 2020 Stocking stuffers, guaranteed to make anyone go ‘wow’ upon opening. It is amazing when someone truly knows you listened to them and knows them. I love those types of gifts and that’s the crux of your guide! This year I dug deep to find great items, because we all survived 2020 and deserve to celebrate! Our stocking stuffers are all about functionality and fun.

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If you’ve become a baker this year, then how about learning to make mochi? Are you looking for a new hobby and want to paint? Bob Ross is the answer. There is definitely something for everyone in your guide to the ultimate 2020 stocking stuffers. Cannabis themed face masks and wine bottle condoms. Read on!

Enjoy our ultimate 2020 stocking stuffers guide! Share with me what you get and how it’s changed you. We’ll share our favorites on social media. Remember, BuzzChomp is an Amazon affiliate. Items are listed via with all prices and sales at time of publication.


Ultimate 2020 Stocking Stuffers


Cannabis Leaf Premium Face Mask

Face masks aren’t going anywhere in 2021, so make a fashion and personal statement! I absolutely love this premium face mask and it’s super cute on men or women. Get it in white or black and buy it for yourself or for someone you love.

Buy It: Cannabis Leaf Face Mask ($21.99 on


Christmas Cannabis Leaf Face Mask

This holiday themed face mask will protect you, as well as show your Christmas and Cannabis spirit! There is nothing better than that. This premium face mask looks cute, feels great, and you’ll get a ton of compliments. It also comes in white and black, with fully adjustable straps.

Buy It: Christmas Face Mask ($22.99 on


S.O.L. Survival Kit

This past year has definitely taught me to be prepared for anything! I never thought we’d have a pandemic, so we must always be prepared for anything. This outdoors survival kit is just what a seasoned or new survivalist needs!

Buy It: Survival Kit ($19.99 on


DIY Mochi Ice Cream Kit

Who didn’t pick up a new hobby in 2020? We all did, so if baking is your new thing, then this DIY Mochi Ice Cream kit is perfect. This fabulous kit will create so many delicious treats. Please share and don’t give yourself a tummy ache.

Buy It: DIY Mochi Kit ($56.86 on


Tabasco Sauce Key chain

I absolutely love hot sauce and now we can bring it on the go. If someone in your life is a hot sauce fiend, then this is the gift you need to get. Some people bring hand sanitizer everywhere, while others bring hot sauce!

Buy It: Tabasco Sauce Key chain ($11.99 on


Bob Ross Paint By Numbers

If you have someone looking to paint, or who’s gotten into painting and wants to be like the great Bob Ross, then this is the gift for you. Having hobbies are essential for a happy and fulfilled life.

Buy It: Bob Ross Paint By Numbers ($9.95 on


Wine Bottle Condoms

Condoms for wine. What? It’s an easy way to seal your bottles! Buy them now for when you can socialize again. Are you tired of being tempted to finish a whole bottle by yourself? Here’s a fun way to save wine.

Buy It: Wine Bottle Condoms ($12.99 on


Women’s Packable Down Jacket

Having a lightweight warm winter jacket is essential, especially if you’re a traveler. I know many of us are not traveling right now, but when you are you will need this fabulous jacket.

Buy It: Women’s Down Jacket ($59.97 on


Men’s Packable Down Jacket

This is the perfect gift for the traveler in your family. This year has definitely taught us all to prepare for anything and everything. You don’t have to pack heavy to do this.

Buy It: Men’s Down Jacket ($44.97 on


Adjustable Dumbbells

For the fitness guru or person just getting into fitness, these are a great dumbbell set. These adjustable dumbbells are truly versatile and wonderful. Perfect for any home gym.

Buy It: Adjustable Dumbbells ($109.99 on


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