Super Tiny Alien Abduction | Part 1: Arrival

A super tiny alien invades your home. What do you do? This is no ordinary alien abduction. Does Sebastian ‘wanna bang?’ Can he escape his miniature invader?


You hear a noise, but what the hell is it? You find the source, but its a super tiny alien asking you to bang. Will it probe you? Does it stake claim over your body? This super tiny alien names his new human Chris, leaving poor Sebastian clamoring for protection. When the creature is THIS small, its supposed to be nice. No more alien abduction. No thank you.

Part one is the tiny alien’s arrival. What will happen in parts two and three? Will Sebastian escape, disappear, or worse? Aliens are unpredictable. Their arrival is just the beginning.

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Aliens are no joke, but this super tiny alien abduction feels a little different. That’s why Sebastian is so gun shy. Can he trust this new alien invader? There’s no telling what it might do to you know what.

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alien abduction


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