Brad Pitt finally wins Oscar For Acting | Oscars 2020

Brad Pitt finally wins Oscar for acting at the 2020 Oscars! He’s up for best supporting actor and odds are in his favor! This will be his first acting Oscar in his 30 year career!


Brad Pitt nominated for six Oscars over his career and won for 12 Years a Slave, but that was through his producing. He’s never won one for acting and the roles that he’s been nominated for were not always his best acting roles. That’s why I know he’s winning this year for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood at the Oscars 2020. Watch my full reaction video for all the reasons why he’s won this award!

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Let’s break down why he will win for the Oscars 2020. The others nominated in his category really aren’t getting the buzz he’s gotten. A big factor to his win is that The Irishman has two actors nominated in this category: Al Pacino and Joe Pecsi. This is always the kiss of the death because it makes it impossible for one to win. I don’t think Al Pacino should be nominated and if it was just Joe Pecsi he would definitely be giving Brad Pitt a run for his money.


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Pitt really stole the show in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. He nailed this character. He is so charming, funny, and brought so much life to the film. Pitt definitely took his own charisma and fueled it into this character.

Brad Pitt is having a real “It” moment, which is fun for someone who’s been in the industry for so long. Everyone is loving him on the red carpet. His acceptance speeches for The Golden Globe and The SAG Awards were great. He’s joking, having fun, and being so adorable. It’s his moment to take on the Oscars 2020.


This is one of those awards that I think has a lock on it. He’s owning the Oscars 2020. I’d be extremely surprised if the Academy actually didn’t pick Pitt. Check out our full video and share with me whether you think he wins or loses!



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