Election Year Blues | Politics Are Not Funny

Its an election year, which is incredibly depressing. There’s nothing funny about politics, so what can you do? Collective wallowing sounds nice.


We must vote for a new president in 2020, meaning its an election year. Can you feel the agony and anxiety building? We have the election year blues and even science can’t fix it. Politics aren’t funny and the onslaught that’s coming will surely destroy us. What can we do? Join our circle of sadness. There’s power in numbers.

Family turning against family. Friends revealing their inner evil via incessant social media posting and harassment. It must be an election year and you can’t escape. Don’t try to hide, because resistance is futile. Does Scientist Dan have the answers? Will his sexy assistant relinquish the podium? Its the election year blues.

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Science can be funny, but there’s nothing funny about politics and an election year. That’s why we’ve got the blues. Scientist Dan tried to lighten things up, but the tidal wave of depression was too big to fail. Not even a science dance will work.

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