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There are so many things that you just don’t know until you become pregnant! Gross pregnancy symptoms to watch out for! It’s our pregnancy update week 27 on our Mommy and Me channel.


Gross pregnancy symptoms sometimes can’t be avoided! Your body changes as you become pregnant and once that baby grows inside all bets are off! Since this is our second time being pregnant and this pregnancy update week 27 means I’m in the thick of this pregnancy thing! Make sure you you watch our full video on the Mommy and Me YouTube channel!

Some of these gross pregnancy symptoms are pretty well known, but some are not! Of course there are the common ones like constipation and hemorrhoids. I wouldn’t wish either one of those on anyone, but those are the pretty standard ones.

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One that I didn’t realize about until my first pregnancy is you might pee pee your pants. That’s right, some say when they workout or run they have a little pee. You might sneeze, laugh, cough and you have a little pee pee come out. It’s not uncommon and I’ve been told that even after you give birth your bladder control might not go back to what it used to me.


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An extremely gross one I experienced during my first pregnancy is that my belly button ring expelled from my body. I did all the research on keep a belly button ring while pregnant, but really I should have taken it out and just put it back in every few days. It was not pleasant when it came out and I miss it!

There are a few other gross pregnancy symptoms so make sure you tune into my full video to get the full breakdown! If you experienced one that I did not discuss share one of yours with me!

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