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Pregnancy update week 29 means I’m fully in my third trimester. For me it’s time for my fit pregnancy check in. It’s imperative that all of us be completely honest with ourselves during this home stretch!


It’s that time for our fit pregnancy check in! The new year is in full swing and if you’re following my timeline then you’re around my pregnancy update week 29. The third trimester offers even more changes and that means constantly checking in with your body. Make sure you you watch our full video on the Mommy and Me YouTube channel!

There are a lot of factors that let you have a fit pregnancy. I said it before and I’ll say it again you need to have worked out prior to your pregnancy. As long as you’re not having a high risk pregnancy and told not to workout then there is no reason to not continue with your previous workouts.

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A big tip I constantly tell myself is to not listen to anyone else except my doctor. No one knows your body except you. If you are enjoying fitness success while pregnant then keep it up. So many people will tell you to stop doing something and try to discourage you, but you know you and as long as you’re not experiencing a problem then continue on.

At this point in your pregnancy, if you’re in the third trimester like me, you need to make adjustments. This time around I’m much more tired and it is harder to run. I also push my daughter in the stroller so that is added pressure I didn’t have in my first pregnancy. For me, I want to continue running until I give birth and having that success the first time around fuels me.

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Remember that no matter what you should have fun. This is a big advice of mine for all workouts no matter if you’re pregnant or not. If you’re not having fun then why do it? I love running and I always have fun even when I’m challenged. It keeps me me and when I don’t run I get a bit bummed. So that being said whatever your workout is just have fun with it.

Committing to a fit pregnancy is extremely gratifying. Follow along on our fit pregnancy check in and share with me how you’re journey is going!


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