Smoking with My Alien Best Friend | Tiny Alien Part 3

Bonding after your alien abduction requires two things. Marijuana and 311 music. Now you’re best friends for life! We’re smoking with our alien best friend.


Light it up for you and your tiny alien best friend. After an alien abduction, bonding is the best medicine. Marijuana with friends, plus 311 music. The ultimate good time! This weed is Purple Monkey Butter and it knocks these friends into another dimension. Puff, puff, pass. Pack the bole and repeat. Pack the bole and repeat. Smoking with my alien best friend is amazing.

In the conclusion of our three part alien abduction series, tiny Zaphod the alien finally learns what being human is all about. Some cannabis, a little marijuana, plus weed for the ultimate trip.

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Aliens are no joke, but this super tiny alien abduction feels a little different. That’s why Sebastian is so gun shy. Can he trust this new alien invader? There’s no telling what it might do to you know what.

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alien best friend


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