Dispatches From Elsewhere Episode 1 Reaction | What Is Real?

Its a mind trip alright with lots of questions and one quirky narrator. Dispatches from Elsewhere is an awesome and trippy show! But what is real? My episode 1 reaction. Its definitely not how it appears and I love that!


Dispatches From Elsewhere is a mind trip. As I react to the first episode titled “Peter,” try to figure out what is real. This show has a total Matrix vibe and its causing me to question everything. Is any of it real? Watch our full reaction for more insight on what is real!

We’re introduced to this show via our narrator. He introduces himself and then Peter, but ends by telling us he’s a “reliable narrator even though one thing he told us is a lie.” His name is Octavio Coleman Esquire and he is the head of the JeJune Institute. Despite being painted as a bad person, I’m not buying it.

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Once we dive into Peter’s world, we see that he easily believes not to trust the JeJune Institute. Yet he easily and willing went to the institute, watched their video, and then began to play the game. Why were the final signature forms telling him to leave? That is part of the whole game!

Peter also sees a psychiatrist a few times in this episode. He tells her about Simone, who he meets on his first adventure for the Elsewhere Society. Now I’m wondering whether we are seeing the present or a retelling. It’s another moment of questioning what is actually real.

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It took almost the whole episode for our group of four to unite. Was the whole paddle ceremony experience actually real? Were these four the only ones who were actually meeting for the first time? I can’t help but think that all those other people work for the JeJune Institute.

Once Peter meets Simone, Fredwynn and Janice, we must question their whole experience. I know we’ll get more answers as this show goes on, but I’m questions everything right now! Make sure you follow along with our weekly videos. Since two episodes air this first week, I’ll be back with another video discussing episode 2!


Dispatches from Elsewhere
Dispatches from Elsewhere: Photo Credit to Jessica Kourkounis/AMC


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