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The rabbit hole is deep and Dispatches from Elsewhere episode 2 did not disappoint. We must trust no one, because our four heroes are being pitted against one another. Are both sides really one and the same?


We dove down the rabbit hole in Dispatches from Elsewhere episode 2, learning all about Simone. This is my reaction to the fact that we can literally trust no one! Like Peter, Simone is a loner and does not have any friends. Everything she sees is potentially a delusion. What my full reaction video for every quirky detail!

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I’m digging how Dispatches from Elsewhere has set itself up so far. The first episode explored Peter and now the second episode focuses all on Simone. Peter and Simone explore their friendship and with that, we see them struggle with trust and who is truly in control. They discover the headquarters of the Elsewhere Society by searching for Clara. This creates a ton more questions, because Clara is against the JeJune Institute and claims it is bad.

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The opposite is true of Janice and Fredwynn, who are taught the institute is good. Simone then makes a strong judgement about the experience, complimenting a convenience store clerk on his acting. She’s definitely questioning everyone involved and believes its a game. Trust no one.

When we finally see Janice and Fredwynn, the true controversy comes to light. Janice thinks the Jejune Institute is wonderful, so what is going to happen? Dispatches from Elsewhere is layered, complicated and unfolding very nicely. I’m so intrigued with all the quirky moments to come in this show, but have no idea what might transpire! Make sure you watch our full video for every reaction to episode 2, then comment below with your predictions!


Dispatches from Elsewhere Episode 2


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