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How many voices are in your head? Four personalities with one epic Insanity Quest. They have 24 hours to find $25K. This is part one and someone’s gonna die.


We’re all a little crazy, but only special people are this kind of insane. Four people who are all the same person, or are they? Start questioning reality, because this Insanity Quest is a real mind trip. The group of four desperately need money and murder might be the easiest solution.

Leonard is a Midwestern book store clerk. Joey is a New York sociopath. Steve is broken, while Rash is a famous singer. All four must come up with $25,000 before the sun sets. Its an Insanity Quest and now its time for someone to die.

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Most people have an inner voice, but this is what happens when there are four voices all competing for time. No one wins, meaning we all win! Part one of this Insanity Quest pits them against one another, but as the story continues, it won’t be easy to complete the quest alone.

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