Avenue 5 Episode 7 Reaction | Conspiracy

Judd’s sworn enemy suddenly appears on board. Its a conspiracy people! The Avenue 5 is full of idiots on purpose. My episode 7 reaction.


There’s a conspiracy brewing on the Avenue 5. First they couldn’t survive the journey, but now they easily can. Then they had to murder 500 passengers, but now they get to dock with a rescue pod. Seems like nefarious activities are afoot, as Judd’s sworn enemy is revealed to be on board.

Why would your sworn enemy embark on your inaugural voyage? To witness his wrath in person! An orchestrated gravity flip and no competent crew members ensured the ultimate screw up for Judd! Even the “real” engineers weren’t smart enough to suggest losing weight to speed up the journey. Conspiracy on the Avenue 5! Watch my full reaction video for all the shenanigans.

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I want a space battle in season one of Avenue 5 and someone getting thrown out the airlock. I’d also love to find out how the passengers avoid going all “Soylent Greens” on one another. Food is food when you’re starving.

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