Dispatches from Elsewhere Preview | 3 Reasons it Can’t Miss

We’re diving into the trippy TV zone in the month of March. My Dispatches from Elsewhere preview dives into a weird new show starring Jason Segel. We have 3 reasons it can’t miss!


I have been waiting to dive into some new TV, but there hasn’t been much that has interested me this year, apart from Avenue 5. Dispatches from Elsewhere peaked my interest from the moment I heard about it, but there is not much out there about it. Still, it looks great! Here are my three reason it can’t miss, a full on Dispatches from Elsewhere preview! Watch our full preview for every trippy moment.

A main reason that this show looks incredible is that its giving me those “we don’t know what’s going on here” vibes! It definitely seems like it’s going to be similar to Westworld, the OA, or The Witcher! All three of those shows rock, so score. I love that we don’t have much knowledge going in. It’s made my mind race with all of the possibilities of what can happen on this show.

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I am also super excited for the cast of this show. We really haven’t seen Jason Segel in a serious role and not only does he star in this show, he created it. The rest of the cast is amazing too! You’ve got Andrea Benjamin aka Andrea 3000, Sally Field, Eve Lindley and Richard E. Grant as the head of the Jejune Institute.

The plot of this show opens itself up for so many avenues. These four individuals are seeing clues around them and they get recruited by the Jejune Institute. From there, who knows what’s real and what’s not real in this show?

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Dispatches from Elsewhere is dubbed as a 10 episode anthology series, so it will be interesting to see if this is a stand alone season or not. It premieres March 1st and 2nd on AMC, so get your popcorn ready. I can’t wait to dive right in to this new show!

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