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Planning for birth is essential at this point in your pregnancy. That’s what our pregnancy update week 35 is all about. The double edge sword is that no matter what you will not be ready for the birth! That doesn’t mean we can’t be as prepared as we can.


It’s our pregnancy update week 35, which means we’re in the last week of our 8th month! It’s all about planning for birth. After having done this once before I at least have some expectations of what this will be like the second time around. But it still needs to be said that all pregnancies and births are not the same nor created equal. Follow our pregnancy update week 35 and make sure you you watch our full video on the Mommy and Me YouTube channel!

Barring you have a C section scheduled then you’re like me and just waiting for the baby to come. That can be a difficult time when it comes to planning for birth, but it’s part of it. By now though you should be just ready to go! There are a small portion of women who will give birth around the 35 week market and you’re baby will be perfectly fine!

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The biggest thing for me right now is just having everything organized. I have all my little ones clothes organized and in our hamper to be washed. I’ve gotten all my stuff ready to go for our hospital bag and this is the weekend that I’ll pack it all up!

Remember though that even if you do not have everything ready to go and you don’t feel completely prepared for birth it is okay. For our first we didn’t have our nursery set up and it was fine. Our baby ended up sleeping in our bedroom for the first couple of months.

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For me, my next step in preparing is to make sure I have some pre made meals in the freezer. I meant to do this last time, but I thought I had more time. This time around I’m going to make some food for when we are at the hospital for our little one. Depending on when I go into labor I have a few different options of where she will stay, but one of them is at home. I want to make sure there is good food for and if we don’t need to use that option then they will be ready for us to eat when we have a newborn!

This baby is coming so soon! Our Pregnancy update Week 35 is here and all about planning for birth! You just got to hop on the train and let yourself be ready for anything that happens! Make sure you watch our full video and share with us any concerns or questions you have.

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