Running Tips For Humidity: How To Brave The Sauna

One of the good things about living in Los Angeles is no humidity! I love to travel to the east coast during the summer, but the humidity can be a beast. My running tips for braving the sauna, because I refuse not to run, no matter the weather.


Diary of a Running Chick: July 3rd, 2017

I’ll begin with the best of my running tips for humidity. Go run early in the morning kids! It’s no secret that I love early morning runs and I find that in the summer, the humidity is less in the morning. If you can get yourself up and out in the 6 AM hour, you’ll have a much better run. It will also keep you motivated for the day! Humidity can slow you down and make you feel lethargic, but after a good run you’ll be ready to tackle the new day.

My next tip is obvious, but drink a lot of water. If you’re well hydrated, you’ll feel so much better on your run. I know when I was on the east coast last week, I needed more water than usual. Being hydrated saved me at times. The humidity always makes me tired and it messes with my system. Drinking a lot of water keeps me feeling like me!

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Adjust your miles in the heat of humidity. If you’re used to running five miles a day, try just running four miles. Running in humidity is harder. The air feels heavier and it’s harder to push yourself. If you’re only running in the humidity for a brief period of time, then scaling back on your miles is no big deal. Even if you live on the east coast, the humidity comes and goes, so scale your miles back during those extreme periods of 97% humidity.


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Run with a partner! Running with someone else always makes my runs better. It also is extremely distracting. When I was running on the east coast, I pushed myself to stay as close as I could to my husband. Normally he’s at least a block ahead of me, but since we were running without our baby, I used those runs as motivation to up my pace. Running so close to him made me not want to slow down or stop. It pushed me to run faster and in turn I didn’t think about the humidity!

Just have fun kids! Running in the humidity is the worst, but it’s part of life. If you live on the east coast, you just have to go with it. Power through those humid days. Don’t let it ruin your runs by letting it feel miserable. Flip the switch on the humidity and let yourself have fun! Running in humidity will not last forever and stopping your run will only make you feel miserable.

Embrace what you love about running and find the humidity as just another challenge to overcome. That’s what my running tips are all about. Soon it won’t faze you and it will just be another obstacle you’ve overcome. It’s the same as running in heat, rain, or cold. It’s just a different variable and it will not phase your runs!

Remember what you love about running. Then follow my tips for running in humidity. Don’t let it stand in your way kids!



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