Running on Empty!

Running is awesome, but it’s challenging, mentally and physically. It’s one of the simplest exercises that anyone can do, but let’s face it, if you’ve been running all year long or just a heck of a lot for your body, then you’ve definitely hit a wall along the way. Your mind screams at you “I’m tired” and your body and legs have been sore all week! What’s a girl or guy to do?

First off, you’re totally not alone! Everyone hits that runner’s wall. I often call it Monday, but trust me I’ve been there. You have to push through it, like most things in life. Oh Snap! Get your physical and your mental aligned people. Unless you’re injured, get out there and run! No one ever says afterward “Oh man, I wish I didn’t push myself and do that run.” It doesn’t happen! You always feel amazing, unless you’re a negative Nancy and you need to fix your attitude.

What do I do to get rid of that running on empty feeling? My first go to is yoga! I love yoga almost as much as running. There are days that I’ll run and then go to yoga and feel wonderful, but I also have my moments when I can’t get up and run before. I just hit up that yoga class and assess how it makes me feel. That running on empty feeling is often gone and I’m craving a nice run, but other times I know better and leave the run for another day. It’s important to trust and listen to your body, know when it’s truly tired and when it’s simply your brain wishing you were in bed. Yoga is a great help with this, reminding me that every day is different, every practice is different, and every run is unique.

Running on empty? Then take a day or two off. Muscles require rest, so switch things up. I’m not saying to do nothing, but it’s nice to do something a little less strenuous on your body. Jump on the elliptical, the stair climber, or rowing machines. All of those are solid cardio choices! After a few days of changing up your exercise I bet you’ll be chomping at the bit for a nice long solid run. Trust me, a few weeks ago I skinned my knee and required a running reprieve. After a few days I was going stir crazy to run!

Running is for the long haul. Even when I feel like I’m running on empty, I know I’m not. It’s my body testing my limits and its how we test ourselves. I don’t run for distance or speed, I run for me! I run because I can and because I love the way it makes me feel. I run because it’s a challenge and I know that if I start my day off like that, I’m in full control to have a wonderful day. I run for consistency in an inconsistent world. I run because it’s the one part of the day when I’m with myself completely. I can’t lie to myself about what I’m thinking or feeling. It’s just me and the road. Oh snap! Time to re-emphasize; you can’t LIE to yourself and it’s taught me to live my life like I run.

Even the best of us run on empty some days, but it’s how you react to the experience that sets you apart from others! If you’re lucky enough to set yourself free when you’re running, then you’re already doing this. If you’re still working on it, keep it up! Don’t lose focus. This is your life and you’re the only one living it. Making excuses for yourself only hurts you. Trust me! Set yourself free, embrace running on empty as a part of your world and you won’t ever let it deter you again. Only let it MOTIVATE you! Be badass ya’ll!


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