Posture Challenge Review: Well Paced and Intense Fitness Challenge!

Prior to starting this posture challenge, Dan and I wanted something to stretch out our running legs. We were looking for a less intense fitness challenge, but found the perfect balance. This challenge is well paced and inevitably intense!


The way this posture challenge unfolded was quite surprising. It truly is well paced and intense, but seems so unassuming. I was drawn to the challenge because it’s multiple exercises. It has one of my favorite yoga stretches, cat cow, which sealed the deal for me wanting to do this 30 day challenge! You also do roll ups, locust, and wall sits.

I always look at the beginning and end of a challenge when I first pick them up. This one started extremely easy with 4 cat cows, 4 roll ups, 1 locust, and 1 five-second wall sit. Yes, that’s how it starts. It’s so simple and even if you’ve never done any of these exercises, you can do day one no problem. The final day is 20 cat cows, 30 roll ups, 10 locust, and 1 wall sit as long as you can. Even after sizing up this fitness challenge, I thought “oh that’s not bad at all!”

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The truth is, this challenge is perfectly well paced and intense! It really gets you used to doing these exercises, but the intensity creeps up on you. Isn’t that how it is with all of these challenges? Most of the time yes, but the posture challenge truly takes it to the next level!

You rest on the fourth day, which is perfect! My body needed that rest every time and that is because of the roll ups. Roll ups are one of my favorite ab exercises because they are extremely confronting! The funny part is, when you start with four it gives you the confidence to do this challenge, but on the last day DAMN kids, those 30 are so intense. Since it was so well paced, I knew I could do the 30 and felt strong doing them, but still!


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Locusts were a great complement to the ab work and I’d never incorporated them into my workouts before. Starting out with just one was perfect. I felt like these bad boys would be the easiest part of the posture challenge, but I was definitely wrong. None of these exercises are easy! The locust is a nice reprieve prior to the wall sit, but it’s lengthening, strengthening, and stretching you out.

The wall sits in this challenge are amazing. The hardest day for me was the second to last day when we did 30 ten-second wall sits! I’ve never done 30 wall sits before, and it made all of the days of doing wall sits for as long as you can feel like a piece of cake. It’s funny that the most confronting day was the second to last day for me!

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The posture challenge is great because you don’t need to have ever done a 30 day challenge to hop right into this one. It’s well paced and is intense, but the intensity brews! By that final day this challenge can stand alone as its own workout. I love challenges that end like that! It makes all the hard work feel great.

I got exactly what I wanted out of this challenge, including the surprising intensity! I will definitely revisit this fitness challenge.


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