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It’s our Fit Mom Quick Workout! Time to kill your core! This circuit is great and you have no excuse to not do it!

We are all busy moms but that doesn’t mean we can’t be a fit mom! Arm yourself with an arsenal of quick workouts! This one will kill your core! It’s two simple exercises mountain climbers and high knees.


I love mountain climbers but they are intense all on their own. Now try doing them for a minute. WOW those bad boys will shred your core. Now try it five times! This is definitely a kill your core workout.

You’ve got your mountain climbers all set. Time to do high knees! I love high knees because they are so simple. They are basically jut running place but you want to really accent bringing your knees up.

Mountain climbers and high knees compliment one another so well! They both work your core very nicely. I love the simplicity of this circuit. It’s just 1 minute of each exercise and 5 rounds. You can take a brief rest between rounds but make it brief. You want this to b a quick workout. Keeping the rest minimal gives you a great cardio benefit. It also makes you have to work harder!

I love these quick workouts because you can do them anywhere and there is no excuse to not do it! Try our Fit Mom quick workout! This will kill you core.

My Fit Mom Journey Continues!

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