New Mom: How to Workout With Your Newborn Baby!

Having a baby is life changing, but even before the baby comes it’s life changing for a new mom and her body. No one knows how our bodies will react and it was my goal to get back into fitness as soon as possible. There’s definitely a trick to working out with a newborn baby!


My baby is only one month old, so I’m pretty much doing light workouts as a new mom. Yet I’m definitely preparing myself for when I can do longer workouts. If you’re easing back into working out like I am, the first thing you need to implement is being realistic. As I’ve said before, I worked out right up until I gave birth to my daughter Maddi. I didn’t have a difficult delivery and I’ve been making sure I’m active ever since I got out of the hospital. I have been realistic though. I’ve wanted to just go out and run, but I knew that I needed to wait.

Be prepared to revolve around your baby as a new mom! I didn’t really even consider this prior to her coming. I thought, no biggie, I can do circuits or do an online yoga class while she chills or sleeps, but let’s face it, a newborn has a mind of its own. One minute my daughter will be chilling and happy, and then the next minute she’s crying and only being held will calm her down. You need to be prepared to stop what you’re doing and then pick back up when your baby is settled. For me, the first time this happened my baby had a cluster feeding moment and I spent over an hour feeding her off and on.

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Start out with short circuits. No matter what your fitness level is, starting with short circuits will ensure that you actually complete your workouts. Once you get your baby on a schedule, then definitely add in longer circuits. But starting with short circuits will help you get back into a fitness routine and also allow for you to have workout success! That’s critical!


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Workout during your baby’s nap. I know they say sleep when your baby sleeps, but I’m all about working out when my baby naps. I pretty much know that when I put my baby down during the day, she’ll be sleeping for at least thirty minutes to an hour. That’s the perfect amount of time to do a workout. Don’t worry about waking up your baby. I know my baby will sleep through anything once she’s down. They need to learn to do this, so go for it!

As your baby grows, you can totally adapt how you work out. But right now, if you have a newborn like me and you still want to start working out, you just need to be patient with your workouts. Don’t try to go all out at once. Take it in strides and set yourself up for new mom success!



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