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Pretty Little Liars Season 7, WTF this past episode was way too much cheese!

There are only ten episodes in this second half of the final season and every episode counts. This most recent episode was just a filler episode! It barely moved the story forward!

Emily got herself a piece of the puzzle. That was really the main take away from the show. Now the puzzle looks like it’s a map. I’m going to say it’s a map leading them to a standoff with A. Emily also had a showdown with a high school girl on her swim team. That is what she got the puzzle piece for? Really?

These girls are all resorting back to their ways of high school. Could that be what A.D. wants? Right now that is what it looks like. I just want every episode to truly move the story forward! I want to find out what Jenna knows and what Mary Drake knows! I want the good details and right now we’re just getting filler!

What’s up with Ezra? Is he really going to leave Aria for Nicole? I just find this so hard to believe and I’m not sure why Aria doesn’t just confront Ezra about it. She’s acting like she did in high school too. Enough is enough!

We need every episode to truly drive the story forward and no more filler episodes!

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