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Boxing Equipment: Complete Home Gym Package

I’ve been itching to begin boxing workouts, but never wanted to join an exclusive gym. This at home Boxing Equipment package is everything you need to get started!


The best way to get stronger and see fitness results quickly is by mixing up how you workout and with what. Doing the same lifting circuit each week will only get you so far. Eventually your muscles get used to the exercises, no matter how much you are able to increase the weight. This is why I’ve been itching to do boxing workouts. With this Boxing Equipment package we can start getting the burn we crave at home, without another gym membership.

Not only do boxing exercises give you an incredible upper body workout, but the cardio element of boxing is unparalleled. I can’t think of a single traditional gym exercise that can get the same level of cardio. This boxing equipment bundle includes everything you need for a complete boxing circuit. It includes a 100 lb heavy bag, a leather speedbag, a reinforced stand for both bags, as well as padded leather gloves and cotton hand wraps. There’s nothing to mount or attach to your home. The stand supports both bags, so just strap one in and start your workout!


Everlast Dual Station Heavy Bag, Speedbag, Value Bundle

As Low As $243.50 Plus Free Shipping on Amazon

The best part about this bundle is the leather speedbag. I love cardio weight lifting circuits, so banging out a few sets on the speed bag totally fills this void. Compliment your running and weight training with a day on the bag. Hit the speed bag for five minute sets, alternating with jump rope or jumping jacks. You’ll be sweating and have sore arms, I promise.

The heavy bag allows for multiple styles of boxing and mixed martial arts exercises. Punches and kicks make for wonderful workout circuits, but having this heavy bag to utilize will totally up your home circuit game. I’ve vlogged and reviewed multiple circuits, like the Lara Croft Workout, that include punches and kicks. But I wish I had this heavy bag. Or you can do a traditional boxing workout for a truly great burn. You don’t need a sparring partner with a heavy bag.

We’ve recommended treadmills, ellipticals, and dumbbells for your home gym in our Fitness Hub, but boxing at home with this boxing equipment will complete your gym experience. If you have a regular gym membership, you may be lucky enough to have access to this equipment already. But if not, skip signing up for another gym membership. Instead create an amazing home gym to enjoy anytime and any day of the week.



Share with us your questions, comments, and success stories. We are all in this game together and need one another’s support to succeed!


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