Want Low-Impact Workouts? One Company Makes Stationary Bikes Fun

A sustainable exercise habit is always the goal, meaning we all need low-impact workouts to enjoy. One company is making stationary bikes more fun, opening us up to more fitness options for 2019!


A new analysis by the Human Movement Sciences and Sport found that exercise, when limited to easy or moderate intensities, around one hour before bed can help improve your quality of sleep. That means we all need low-impact workouts in our fitness repertoire!

“It is well known that doing exercise during the day improves sleep quality. Now we have shown that, at the very least, exercising in the evening doesn’t have a negative effect,” claims Christina Spengler, the head of Exercise Physiology Lab at ETH Zurich.

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Researchers did discover, however, that vigorous exercise can adversely affect your quality of sleep. A simple exercise, like thirty minutes doing yoga or riding a stationary bike, is a suitable option for easy-to-moderate exercise. In fact, experts estimate that there are 36.7 million yoga participants throughout the United States. Save your vigorous exercise for earlier in the day, and do your low-impact workouts at your leisure.

Stationary bikes are a common workout machine featured in many gyms across the country. They’re a convenient addition to the home and gym since they don’t take up much space. Not only that, but they offer a great variety of high-intensity, low-impact workouts.

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It’s a popular option among seniors and workout aficionados alike. After all, it doesn’t take much skill to ride a stationary bike. It’s also a great time to rehydrate, as you can drink and ride simultaneously. It’s estimated that 75% of Americans suffer from chronic dehydration. It typically intensifies during periods of high activity, so keep that water bottle on hand during your workouts.

But there’s one common thread among cyclists besides dehydration: stationary bike boredom.


A Better Solution

One businessman got tired of the monotonous routine of pedaling and sought to change the bike for the better. Eric Janszen runs VirZoom, a startup in Massachusetts. The company hopes to blend exercise and software for a fun fitness experience.

The startup raised $5.5 million back in 2015 to create its first VZ Bike. The stationary bike relies on speed and direction sensors that work with most VR headsets and their accompanying video games. The company now sells their bike for home use with five VR games for $399.

It makes sense that the company would want to improve the stationary bike industry. Riding a stationary bike offers many health benefits without the strain that other high-impact exercises put on your joints.

Why Stationary Bikes?

“Fixed bikes are low impact, as they remove the ground force reaction through the joints – so it’s a great way to train and keep joints healthy in the process,” notes London health club personal trainer Andy Vincent.

It’s precisely this reason why many older folks love the comfort of stationary bikes.

“But they do tend to overload the hips. If we sit all day, our muscles shorten in response to a seated position,” he continues. “Cycling reinforces these muscle patterns, since it provides limited range of hip flexion. This can make them even more prone to being overactive and tight.”

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Providing variety in a workout is essential. It’s estimated that, with the proper personal training, slow-motion exercise can be achieved in less than 30 minutes per session when performed twice per week. This can be a low-impact, time-efficient addition to many workouts.

If you’re trying to sleep a little better at night, utilizing low-impact workouts may help. If you’re looking to build a sustainable fitness habit, then you definitely need these style workouts in your exercise plan. Don’t forget the stationary bike!



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