Easy Yoga Circuit For Flexibility | BuzzChomp Fitness video and review

Easy Yoga Circuit For Flexibility. It’s our BuzzChomp fitness video and review.


I love this circuit because it’s five simple yoga exercises that anyone can do. That is right no matter what your fitness level is you can do this circuit. The best part about yoga is most poses are designed for you to adjust yourself to the pose. If you want to go deep you can go deep, but if you can’t go what you deem “deep” you can push yourself to whichever level feels good for you.

You do each pose three times back to back then you move on to the next one. I often don’t do circuits like this because it’s normally a flow where you go from one pose to the next pose, but I enjoyed doing each pose three times. What I found is that holding the pose for 10 seconds then coming out and going back it helped me get a deeper stretch each time. This circuit gets an 8.5/10 from me.

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I’m naturally not flexible and I’ve taken yoga for years and I still don’t always feel flexible. The key is to go as deep for you to feel it then hold that there. There are some days I don’t go that deep and I instantly feel it, but that’s just where my body is at. That’s really the key to listen to your body.

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All five of these poses are some of my favorite: cobra, seated forward bend, happy baby, camel, and bow pose. Even after all these years camel is still difficult for me, but even though I can’t put my hands on my feet I’m still getting an amazing stretch. I used to think bow pose was tough for me and prior to going in to it I felt like I’d barely be pulling myself up, but that was not the case! That’s just how it is with yoga that one day you realize I can do this pose that I used to barely go in to.

I love yoga and since my baby Maddi got here it’s been harder to get into the studio, but with circuits like this I have no excuse to not practice yoga whenever I can. This is an easy yoga circuit for flexibility and a great way to work on your flexibility anywhere anytime.

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