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Baked Tater Tots Recipe | Comedy Cooking | Pillow Talk TV web series

Prepare for the best breakfast (or lunch) recipe EVER! Easy and healthy baked tater tots are the ultimate way to make potatoes. Baking with Bitches shows you how and makes it funny. Comedy cooking shows rocks!


Breakfast will never be the same, because these Baked Tater Tots are amazing! Forget frying and make your potatoes taste amazing and healthy. It’s an easy recipe that only requires a little patience. That’s where ‘Baking with Bitches’ comes in, making your cooking experience hilarious and fun! These two bitches know how to bake a damn potato into the best damn baked tater tots ever!

This is the ultimate cooking show, because you get the full recipe with a side of laughs. You also get to watch two weird hosts argue about while trying to cook things. Follow along and bake at home, or just sit back and enjoy the show! Either way, eat this amazing baked tater tots bitches.

A comedy cooking show is the only way to make food, bitches. Full ingredients list below, so start your baking! Anyone can make this easy breakfast recipe, but only these bitches make it funny.

Time to start baking. Best baked Tater Tots bitches! Baking with Bitches. Over the top comedy cooking show, airing Fridays on Pillow Talk TV.

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