Learn To Exercise Anywhere by Making Your Own Gym

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You can learn to exercise anywhere by making your own gym! Gone are the days of needing an actual gym to workout. All you need is a little space and some ingenuity with our help. Let’s exercise!

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Exercise anywhere! Repeat that to yourself, because its how working out becomes a fun habit you just can’t break. You can and will exercise anywhere. Doing so is now easy, because making your own gym wherever you are is simple and fun! Even if you don’t have a lot of space, you can still make room for a mat and get in some fitness.

There are definitely different variations of making your own gym. A lot depends on where you are, at home or on vacation for example. Back in the day, when I worked in an office I would bring my jump rope with me. I’d go into an open office or wait until later in the day when people had left, then I would break out my jump rope and jump. My office was my gym and my boss loved this and would do it with me. I became her motivation to workout. Jump rope is an amazing exercise and you only need a minimal amount of space. Consider it your first weapon in your anywhere fitness arsenal.

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Time is often an excuse from people for why they “can’t” workout. Make things easy on yourself so you have the motivation to spend 15 minutes exercising. We have 24 usable hours in a day and even though we spend around 8 hours sleeping, there are many more hours available to you. When I worked in an office, another surefire way to get in a quick workout was to bring my workout mat with me. I would set alarms throughout the day to remind me to do push ups and crunches on my mat.

Set an easy goal to begin with, say 3 sets of each exercise. Do 5 or 10 push ups to start with and 20 to 30 crunches. Trust me, you will feel this minor workout as it builds up and it will motivate you to do more. Working in an office or simply being away from home means you need to exercise wherever you can. If you’re lucky enough to have extra space, even if it’s a corner of a room, then you can totally set yourself up with a more traditional home gym. A workout mat is a must. Investing in some weights is ideal too. I love this style of weights that are expandable. No matter where I’ve lived, I’ve always been able to create a spot to workout.


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A few years back I bought this fold up elliptical glider, which is awesome. I used to have easy access to a gym with a traditional elliptical machine, but that went away when we moved. My hubby and I wanted the option to do a more traditional form of cardio at home. Something low impact but high value, which is why we love this glider. My hubby uses it way more than I do, because my ideal cardio is running outside. But it’s nice to be able to unfold this machine, set it in our living room, and get a good workout in. You don’t need any more space for this other than your yoga mat.

There are so many workout options, which is why I truly embrace the exercise anywhere mantra! If you crave more of a class structure or someone guiding you, then these fitness mirrors are great. They are extremely popular now and you just need an open wall, a mat, and some movement space.

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If you truly have no space and can’t even see yourself loading up YouTube, finding a workout class, moving your coffee table and setting up a mat, then stop your negative thinking right there. Whatever your space is, wherever you live, you can exercise. If you live in an apartment building, run the stairwell. Are you lucky enough to live in a warmer weather climate? Head to your neighborhood park to workout. Run back and forth on the basketball court, or find a friend to do a workout routine with. Get creative and get moving.

A big thing with exercising anywhere is to keep an open mind. You don’t have to run, and you don’t really need any equipment except a mat. Pinterest and YouTube for wonderful ideas, as do we here on BuzzChomp! There are also a ton of fitness apps that only require a mat so you can exercise anywhere.


I am all about living a healthy lifestyle, which means having fun and being creative with exercise. The best thing I did for myself was create a consist fitness routine. You don’t need to put hours in at the gym. Make anywhere your gym by setting aside moments throughout the day to exercise anywhere!


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