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power of the dog

The Power of the Dog review is all about the complexities of a bully. This beautiful film really dives into how one man can torment someone so much that he doesn’t even truly see what stands in front of him.


The Power of the Dog is such an interesting film. Directed by Jane Campion so you know this film is completely rich. The ending and the film stuck with me for days and I truly couldn’t stop thinking about the complexities of a bully. Make sure you check out my quick review below.

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The shots, production design, and how this film is pieced together is just beautiful. Of course it is an Oscar worthy film. The acting is so fabulous too. I love Kirsten Dunst and she is so honest, raw, and heartbreaking in her portrayal of Rose. I’ll be honest and say that I’m not a huge Benedict Cumberbatch fan. He is a very good actor, but I don’t flock to his movies. In this film he truly understands the complexities of his bully. He brought so much richness and so many things unsaid to Phil.

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I wasn’t really sure where this film would go when I first put it on. Are Phil and Peter going to have a Brokeback Mountain style affair? Really the film subtly shows you how two similar people embrace (or hide) who they are and what that does to the people around them.

Phil would rather ruin his brother’s new marriage than except the change in his life. How dare George seek out happiness, intimacy, and a family. Phil and George lived at their ranch, sharing a room with two twin beds for years, and now George marries Ruth and brings her son, Peter, home with her.

The Power of the Dog gave me a lot to think about. It’s a beautiful film on so many levels. Share with me your thoughts and make sure you watch our quick review.

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