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the tender bar

The Tender Bar is a cool movie that’s funky and stylized, just what you’d expect from director George Clooney. It’s a memoir that’s self aware, which adds to the fun. Plus, the acting is great.


When you think of George Clooney, you think cool and funky. That’s exactly what The Tender Bar is, as he directs a film that’s both captivating and self aware. It’s a memoir and its about the person who ultimately wrote this memoir, as he is coming to terms with this being a memoir. The acting is great. Ben Affleck is excellent and keeps getting better with each new movie he does. I only wish we knew what happened later in the character’s lives.

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My favorite scene from The Tender Bar is when our writer is working at the New York Times. His boss tells him that his writing is great, but its mostly about a guy sitting around at a bar in Long Island. Then you got some stuff that’s about other things, which is even better. That’s exactly this movie! It’s mostly about a guy sitting around at a bar in Long Island.

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You’ll enjoy The Tender Bar for its relatable family hijinks and societal struggles. But most of all, you’ll enjoy it because its a fun movie. There’s satire mixed with the challenge of moving up the American class structure. Plus, the unique backdrop of the Dickens bar.

I highly recommend The Tender Bar. Cool and Funky and memorable its own unique way. Share with me your thoughts and make sure you watch our quick review.

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the tender bar


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