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And Just Like That Season 1 Ep7 it’s not the same Carrie! Finally, this show found its focus and stride. We saw full on scenes of major Sex and The City vibes. This show finally found its path.


And Just Like That Season 1 Episode 7 and it’s not the same Carrie! Another time jump and we’ve finally found the stride of this show. Major Sex and The City vibes throughout this episode. They really showed us why they did certain things.

Quick Review Episode 7

I’m not saying I agree with those directional choices, but at least I can see more of where they came from and why. Charlotte’s story line keeps getting better and better. Really staying true to Charlotte and how she really is open to some change in her life and that she does she really want growth for herself. I like that she stood her ground against Harry. She rolls over for so many people that she needs to stand firm against her husband.

I’m really not digging on Miranda and Che. I don’t think this is how Miranda would act after already dealing with cheating from Steve. Miranda would have been more honest at least with herself even if she’d hide it from Steve for a bit.

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Carrie dating was funny and innocent. I liked that it didn’t go well in a very woah I haven’t done this kind of way. It was unrefined for Carrie, but really very Carrie like.

And Just Like That Season 1 Ep7 and it’s not the same Carrie! Finally, they’ve found their voice, tone, and the navigation of Carrie’s life. Share with me your thoughts on And Just Like That Ep7 and check out our quick review.

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