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Create Your Personal Bath Oasis with this Starter Guide!

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Take self care up a level and create your personal bath oasis with these amazing essentials in our buyer’s guide. Taking a bath is so simple, and I’ve never once regretted it. They are fabulous! Your mental and physical well being will thank you forever.


It’s officially time to relax! Fill up your bathtub and create a personal bath oasis to soothe your mind and body. All of these amazing products used to create your bath oasis are fabulous, and most of them I already own. I’ve researched, purchased, or saved them for later. Because I’m all about self love and making sure I take care of myself, this type of relaxation is critical.

If there is one piece of advice that you follow of mine, it must be using these Village Naturals Mineral bath soaks in your bath at home. I got these as a gift years ago and I’ve bought them ever since. They are designed specifically for releasing tension, relaxing the mind, and soothing sore muscles. After I soak with these, I always feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

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This time of year is bath season in my opinion. It’s cold and you want to feel rejuvenated for the new year. Not to mention all the sickness that goes around during winter. I’m all for making myself as comfy as possible, which is why I love a bath pillow. The one I used to have wasn’t great, so I researched for a new one and found a gem. This one looks fabulous!

Another go-to of mine is music in the bath and shower and I love my Soundbot for this. Nothing beats having nice relaxing tunes. You can’t go wrong with some great bath bombs either, adding color to the sensory experience of your oasis. I’ll also note that at this point in our lives, a glass of wine or a cocktail is a must in the bath! Snag them all if you dare and remember, BuzzChomp is an affiliate for the items listed below.


Personal Bath Oasis Starter Guide


Royal Craft Wood Luxury Bath Caddy

I’m all for making myself as comfy as possible, meaning having the essentials on hand. If you’ve ever feared dropping your book, phone, or tablet in the bath, then this baby is for you! You can really use it however you want, adding snacks to the experience.

Buy It: Luxury Bath Caddy ($44.99 on


Luxury Bath Pillow

This is the bath pillow that is currently in my cart and will soon be joining my bathtub. My hubby loves pillows in the bath and this one has great reviews and looks like it will be very comfy in the bath. Did I mention how I’m all for making yourself completely comfy in the bath?

Buy It: Luxury Bath Pillow ($19.99 on


SoundBot Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker

There are certainly fancier waterproof speakers out there, but I have had a Soundbot for over 10 years and I absolutely love it. It’s tried and true! I’m now on my second one and when this one goes, I will definitely buy another one. They are easy to put up, simple to use, and the sound quality is very good. I never take a shower or bath without it!

Buy It: Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker($14.99 on


La Bellefée Bath Bomb and Candle Set

Bath bombs are the best thing to happen to baths. They make for such an enjoyable experience. I love how each one is different and really makes me feel so special when I’m using them. If you have not experienced them you need to now. They truly create a bath oasis.

Buy It: Bath Bomb and Candle Set ($21.99 on


Village Naturals Mineral Bath Soaking Set

These are the most amazing bath soaks I’ve ever used. Consider these as MUST BUY item. I lived off of these mineral bath soaks when I was pregnant with both of my babies. Whenever I get sick, am super sore, or just need some relief, these are my jam!

Buy It: Therapy Mineral Bath Soaking Set ($32.95


Sip Caddy Wine Holder

Spilling your beverage in the bathtub is a buzz kill! Do yourself a favor and get this totally cheesy accessory. If wine and beverages are your go-to in the bath, then arm yourself for success. They have a caddy for all types of drinks, not just wine.

Buy It: Sip Caddy Wine Holder ($14.95 on


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