iPad Mini Revealed Finally

As predicted, the iPad mini release date was announced yesterday.  Along with a new MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, and a iMac. Apple’s been busy.  According to sources, iPads account for 91% of tablet web traffic. Now with the 7 inch version of the iPad they will take Kindle’s market share I’m sure.  Of course the iPad mini is also to go head to head with Microsoft’s Surface.  Who name’s Microsoft’s products?( Zune anyone?) Anyways let’s take a look at the specs:

Specs: 7.9 inch and 7.2 mm thick – thin 
An A5 Processor
4G/3G WiFi
It comes with new Lightning Connector
The screen: 1,024 x 768 pixels

You can pre-order online October 26th. However, the actual release date, get your camping gear ready, is November 2nd.

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