Fatal Attraction Season 1 Double Finale | New Psycho

Fatal Attraction season 1 Double Finale with a new psycho! The mystery is solved and I definitely did not see it coming. First I thought Alex staged her death and then I thought it was Beth. I was wrong. But there was so much more.  




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Fatal Attraction Season 1 finale


Fatal Attraction Season 1 episode 7 had me thinking it might be Beth. It’s definitely a shocker that Beth meets with Alex. Alex is definitely being crazy acting like Dan’s lying to Beth about how deep their relationship was. It’s pretty evident that Dan used Alex as an escape from his life and the stress of not becoming a judge.

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It is definitely sad the way Alex’s relationship was with her father. Her parents definitely did not set her up for success and used her against one another. It makes sense though now that it was her Dad who she told about her relationship with Dan. Make sure to check out our reaction video.


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Fatal Attraction Season 1 Finale


OMG. I did not think it was Arthur! That is a good twist to the show and definitely extremely interesting. I like how we saw it unfold and it’s funny that he was so careless with his fingerprints. Of course no one would ever have a reason to suspect Arthur. I would have loved to see how him and Beth got together.

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I’m 50/50 on how I feel about the Ellen stuff. She seems so aware of everyone else that it feels like she would understand what she was doing with becoming obsessed with her professor and falsifying their relationship. I also got major vibes that she was interested in her friend that was sleeping with the professor. I feel like this should have been developed a little more.

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Fatal Attraction Season 1 Finale Alex gave us a conclusion and opened us up to a new stalker. I like what they did with this adaptation of the film. Share your thoughts on this show and make sure you check out our reaction video.


fatal attraction season 1


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