How The Fifty Fattiest Foods Changed My Thinking

It’s been nine years since I’ve eaten a hamburger.  I vividly remember the last time I had one.  It was a beautiful April day in Boston, MA.  I was out celebrating ‘Marathon Monday,’ a holiday where the whole city of Boston takes the day off and watches the people run the marathon.  It was a fun morning and at lunch I indulged in a cheeseburger.

I stumbled across a poll that health.com posted, the fifty fattiest foods in each state. Oh Snap! I love these types of studies.  First off, some of the foods were just not for me.  My body literally started getting heartburn just reading about them.  To name a few: Alabama bacon-wrapped meatloaf, Colorado Jack-N-Grills seven pound breakfast burrito, and Indiana fried brain sandwich.  Whose brain are they frying?

Living in glorious California, I was intrigued to find out its fattiest food.  There are boatloads of fast food places.  I hope I built the anticipation up for you because the fattiest food is (drum roll please) In and Out’s Double Double Burger! I thought In and Out was supposed to be a better choice for fast food.  Its burgers are fresh not frozen.  Upon closer look, their double double consists of six hundred and seventy calories, forty-one grams of total fat and eighteen grams of saturated fat.  Oh my goodness! I couldn’t ever, never ever put that in my body! Forty-one grams, we might as well round them up to fifty. That is just ridiculous!

I’m extremely fascinated by this list.  Most of the fifty foods on it are crazy. I haven’t ever tried them and nor would I.  Some surprised me a bit; Massachusetts had its chocolate chip cookies.  What? Random?

The list reinforced my lifestyle choice, that’s for sure.  I know I won’t be eating a double double anytime soon! No thank you.

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