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Willow Episode 6 is the Troll Wars! Of course they all need to reunite back together once again. Kit and Willow trapped by the trolls and of course Boorman is still on his own side quest.


 Willow Episode 6 is the Troll Wars. The group separates once again and now needs to get back together. Kit and Willow are trapped by the trolls. Boorman and the others come to get them, but Boorman of course has his own agenda.


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Kit and WIllow meet a Madmartigan imposter named Allagash, played by the wonderful Christian Slater. Definitely the best part of the episode. All of his scenes nail the old tone of the original Willow, but the story still plots along though.

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Arik leaves the creepy castle and only to walk through a desert ultimately to end up in the same creepy castle that he began in. That’s definitely weird and I don’t see him escaping on his own.

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Willow Episode 6 is Troll War. This is episode had some good moments and some just okay moments. Share with your thoughts? Check Out Episode 6 review.


Willow Episode 6


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