Flat Abs Challenge An Insane 30 Day Experience

I’ve been obsessed with my abs since giving birth to my baby girl. They are the one part of my body that I truly needed to work on post-pregnancy. Challenge time! This Flat Abs Challenge is insane and was an awesome 30 day experience!


The best and hardest part of this Flat Abs Challenge is that its multiple exercises. There are five to be exact: roll ups, ankle reaches, leg raises, reverse crunches, and bicycle crunches. That’s five different abs exercises. You begin on day one with only five roll ups, five ankle reaches, and five leg raises. Then you work your way up to ten of each exercise, add a new exercise, and keep building up your reps. First you work your way up to ten reverse crunches, all while staying at ten reps of the first three exercises. Once you’ve reached ten reps of all five exercises, you add a rep a day until the end of 30 days.

This is an insane ride with no rests, that keeps getting more intense each day. When I first saw this Flat Abs Challenge, I actually thought it was simple and therefore easy. Twenty two reps is not an insane number, but it was intense working up to it with no rest! It was much more intense than I ever thought it would be. That’s truly why I call this challenge insane, because it creeps up on you.

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A big piece of this abs challenge is the lack of rest days. Fitness challenges without rests can be amazing, but are also extremely difficult. I always look forward to the rest days. When I picked out this challenge, I didn’t even notice that it had no rest days. While it would have been nice to have a few mixed in, I am so glad it didn’t. It added to the intensity of the challenge and made the last day so exciting!


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This challenge truly works your abs! It gives you a great foundation to engage your core and get the best out of this challenge. I’ve done other abs challenges before where you are doing an extremely high number of reps, and they can feel so daunting at the end. This challenge does not feel like that, but it’s completely satisfying and hard.

I now want to push my body even more, because I feel so strong. My core hasn’t felt this strong since the beginning of my pregnancy! I’m completely back on the path that I was prior to getting pregnant, which is so exciting and amazing!

The Flat Abs Challenge is definitely a must for anyone that wants to jump-start their abs. If a goal of yours is to work your abs, then doing this challenge will do that in an insane way. You’ll definitely want to mentally prepare yourself first. Trust me, the beginning will throw you off a bit, so don’t get too cocky. Your body will get worked and you will see the results that you want.


Once you’ve completed this challenge you are going to be so sore, but it is such a wonderful soreness! I really do love being sore. Trust me when I say that some days my body was not digging on the abs work, but I reminded myself that I was getting the results that I wanted. Don’t let the soreness scare you. Embrace it and embrace this insane 30 day Flat Abs Challenge!


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