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his dark materials

We jump off into oblivion as darkness is vanquished and love saves the multiverse in the His Dark Materials series finale. Lyra and Will share a final kiss between worlds, then return home forever.


I refrained from reading the final book in the series, so His Dark Materials season 3 is all new for me. Now I’ll be picking it up, as the series comes to an epic conclusion. Asriel and his army dare to challenge Metatron, who has usurped The Authority’s power. Dark Angels are the ultimate evil, meaning the god killer weapon is humanity’s only hope. Unless releasing the dead from purgatory overthrows the balance of power in humanity’s favor. Love will prevail.


his dark materials

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War erupts as Lyra, our chosen one, and Will must reunite with their daemons. Daemon eaters are released by Metatron and Marisa eats them all in an instant! She is summoned by the dark angel and Asriel sprints to heaven after her. Darkness is destroyed and now the prophecy must be completed. His Dark Materials season 3.

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Asriel finally met the usurper Metatron, but he needed is only love to take him down. All powerful evil is extinguished for now, so humanity is on its own. The multiverse is returned to balance, because the prophecy was fulfilled by Lyra and her love Will.


his dark materials

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With evil vanquished, the series finale of His Dark Materials turns to our serpent. Mary completes the prophecy by showing Lyra and Will love, which helps them fall in love to bring back dust. All the windows must be closed and the knife destroyed to stabilize the multiverse, so Lyra and Will say goodbye with a final kiss between worlds. His Dark Materials season 3.

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His Dark Materials is an incredible book trilogy and a wonderful fantasy series. This is the final season, because the story ends with the Amber Spyglass. Is the subtle knife enough to ensure evil loses the war? The Amber Spyglass reveals dust, but dust is disappearing. Share with us your thoughts and check out our videos on episode 7 and episode 8 series finale.


His Dark Materials


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