Getting What You Need in A Relationship

If you are struggling with your significant other in regards to what is important to you…

Then I have a few words of advice…

Instead of focusing on their issue of not conforming to what you want or expect, and letting them be who they THINK they are or want to be. It then frees your mind to focus on the comfort that you get when you come to accept what you deserve. If we feel that a change is needed in our relationship,  the only makeover that we truly have the power to make is on ourselves.

First communicate to them what your desires are and what is important to you. Give them their free will to do with that information you have delivered. In doing so you are not expecting them to change who they are but asking for what is important to you.

At this point you are just stepping back and letting them realize their way isn’t your way. You are giving  them space to reevaluate.. It may take some time for them to see you are standing your ground. (This is where you need to be patient). Just remember this isn’t a fight, it is to plant the seed to remind them your wants and needs are important too.

If your partner truly loves you and realizes you are entitled to your desires, (not trying to change them) they will see the light and do some adjusting, by doing so they just might realize that what you need isn’t so bad after all.

When they realize how nice it feels and that you are happier, it will then become second nature to them. If we feel that a change is needed in our relationship, the only makeover that we truly have the power to make is on ourselves.

A win win!!!

If you really believed that you deserve better, look within yourself. Work on you, not them.

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