Show me the Calories.

Time and time again I’ve gone into the grocery store, picked up an item, say a beverage, and then put it back down because let’s face it I’d rather not drink two hundred calories.  Or salad dressing at one hundred calories a serving; you can’t pour less than two servings which makes the calories insane!  I’ll admit it, I check calories on everything I eat and drink.  The other day I read that as of next year Coca-Cola Co, Pepsi Co Inc, and Dr. Pepper Snapple Drink Inc will start listing the calories of their drinks on vending machines.  Woo! This is great, great news!

I’m proud to say it has been a very long time since I’ve drank a regular soda product.  I know, I know, diet soda is just as bad and it’s linked to obesity.  But really too much of anything is bad, aspartame or whatever, and its link to obesity masks the fact that fat people use it an excuse to eat far worse things.  Regardless of my soda preference, knowing the calorie amount of a beverage before you buy it from a machine is awesome!  Slap that label all over the place.

I’m not here to tell you to drink diet soda or to not drink soda at all.  That wouldn’t be fair of me.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  It all comes down to the individual.  It’s a reality in our modern world that we have to be aware of what we put into our bodies.  We still live in a fast food world where vending machines are prevalent.  But labels bring awareness and now we get the option to choose our poison prior to buying it.  Just like we can when we walk into a grocery store, show me the calories.

People are afraid of labels, but that’s just silly!  I say bring on the truth.  We need to know what things are made of, how many calories they have, and if they will give us diarrhea or not.  But seriously, its not like things all come from farms anymore.  I’m all for embracing information and having companies open up about what we buy.  Hell we make them billions of dollars, it’s the least they can do for us.  People won’t stop buying soda, but I’m hoping they split the can with a friend next time instead of chugging it all down themselves.  In the end you only have this one body.  I like to think mine is pretty special.  Take care of it! Make sure you know what your drinking!

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