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Our weekly Fitness Motivation is here. The last Monday in February clear mind of can’t. Let it go and embrace this BuzzChomp video series.


My Mom used to always tell me to not say that I can’t do something. “Can’t isn’t in your vocabulary” is what she said. I love that! It does take a lot to implement this but once you do it’s so much nicer than always saying I can’t do this.

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I find that I sometimes fall back into “can’t.” Life gets busy and I might get stressed and forget but I this is one mantra I always come back to. Clear mind of can’t. It really is optimal fitness motivation. The moment I think I can’t do something I go out and do it! It’s the best reason to work toward something.

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I’ve realized that can’t is just another “but.” It’s just an excuse that we make up as to why we keep telling ourselves the same story. Forget that and let it go. You truly will reach those fitness goals and milestones. This fitness motivation will become second nature. You soon won’t even recognize you’re doing it because it has become an habit!

Clear mind of can’t. Wake up every morning this week and say that. It’s the perfect fitness motivation to close out February with and begin March!

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Because that’s what Motivational Monday is all about starting you’re week off strong.



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Happy Motivational Monday! Start your week off strong. Fitness Motivation!
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