Fall Workouts: Gear up for the Freeze

Fall is in full swing, and now that October is over, winter is right around the corner. That means we need to gear up for the freeze, and get our workouts in order! Daylight Savings ended, so we have less light during the day to exercise, but that shouldn’t stop you from getting in great fall workouts!

Make this year different! Now is generally the time we all get super busy leading up to the holidays, and most people drop their workouts. Not this year kids! Not with these fall workouts!

Get outside and hike, or do a trail run! The weather has cooled down throughout most of the country, but don’t get scared off. Make sure you get outside. Find a trail that you’ve wanted to hike or run, and make it your Saturday or Sunday tradition this fall. If you live in Los Angeles, try one of the amazing trails in Griffith Park. The variety here is amazing. You can hike or run your trails, and with the temperature dropping, you will feel invigorated! Not to mention, getting outside now will motivate you to get outside later in winter. Score!


Break out your bicycle for a workout. Sure, everyone wants to bike in the summer, but now is the best time to get long bike workouts in. The air is cool and your favorite trail will probably be pretty dead, since it’s getting colder outside. You won’t have the heat to slow you down, and once you’re out there and biking, you’ll totally want to continue into the winter! Baring any snow or rain, biking is a year round activity.

Find a new place to run stairs, or simply start running stairs nearby. This is a tremendous workout! I love running stairs, but it’s definitely something I don’t always do. Yet the fall is ideal for starting up this exercise. Add it into your workouts, or go find interesting stairs to run on the weekends as a bonus. In Los Angeles we have the Santa Monica steps, as well as the stairs in Culver City. The cooler temps will definitely leave it less crowded, and you’ll be motivated to keep this up all winter long!


If you’re not into working out outside, then find a new time to exercise indoors. Jump-starting your daily workouts is a must for fall! Try working out on your lunch break. It’s getting darker earlier, and that might affect your motivation to workout. Going to the gym during your lunch hour is a great getaway from the day! I love a mid-day workout. It can totally revitalize your whole day, and once you’re off work, you’ll love having already exercised. A great mid-day workout is a lifting circuit. You’ll get your heart rate up, and you can spend 40 minutes doing this and still have time to shower and get back to the office. Another favorite of mine is interval running. Interval running is intense, but it’s also a quick workout. I’d say 30 minutes of intervals on the treadmill is perfect for your lunchtime workout. You’ll even have time to do an ab circuit after!

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An alternative to hitting up the gym, while still using your lunch hour wisely, is going for a long walk! Get yourself moving during lunch. The perfect way to do this is by finding someone to walk with you, or by enjoying a nice Pandora music playlist by yourself. Make sure you pack a lunch, so you can eat at work when you get back. Even if you exercise before or after work, walking during your lunch hour can revitalize your day, not to mention burn extra calories!

Make sure you push your fall workouts and push yourself, gearing up for the freeze! It’s super easy to let go of exercise during the colder months, but not this year! Keep your workouts going now, so you don’t drop them later!



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