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You all know that I love to run! It makes me feel like me and I run six days a week, but at times I need to embrace a break from running. This is something that will keep you sane and help you regroup to push forward!


Diary of a Running Chick: March 19th, 2018

I came down with a sickness last week and even though I tried to fight it off, I still had to spend a few days resting. I hate being sick and I’m not a fan of resting, but I needed it. I required a break from running. Usually I can push myself a little bit more in the beginning of a sickness and knock it aside, ensuring I still get a run in throughout my recovery. There are some sicknesses that you can definitely run through, but this one I could not.

After the initial onset of my sickness, I couldn’t go run and that was a bummer because I had family in town and someone to watch the babe. I needed to rest because I had a splitting headache and I couldn’t physically get out of bed to run. After a day or two I just had a residual cold, so I took moments when I could run. Then I needed a morning where I just slept as long as possible. The babe needed the same thing, so that morning I embraced the break from running and just slept! This was such an amazing choice!

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Since I embraced a break from running that morning, even after I’d pushed past the worst of my sickness, it made me feel like my old self again! Normally I fight a break from running by still wishing that I had gone out for a run, but this morning I knew that I needed to sleep and my babe needed to sleep. I felt so much better both mentally and physically!


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By taking that one morning for myself, it helped me get back to being myself! I was by no means sick like I had been before, but I still was dragging. That dragging feeling could have totally led me to a relapse and I knew that could not let that happen. It was hard enough to be sick with a baby the first time and I have no desire to do it again.

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No matter where you are at on your running journey, make sure you always embrace a break from running. I love setting goals for myself of running X many days in a row and not taking a break, but we all do need a break. I’m no good when I’m sick and it is the worst for me. I try to always keep myself at optimal health, but sickness happens and it’s best to take care of yourself!

The majority of the time I do think running is the best medicine. It helps keep me at my status quo, purges my system and invigorates my body. Yet I know that I need to embrace a break from running when I’m sick. It helps me recoup quicker and get back out there running. It also prevents the sickness from lingering too long. I’m so glad spring is nearly here and we can kick this bad cold and flu season!


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