Set Your December Running Intention Now!

We’re in it and that’s the last month of 2018. A part of me feels like we just entered the fall, but this year has also felt extremely long. It’s time to set your December running intention now and finish strong!


My Running Diary: December 3rd, 2018

I’ve talked before about how December can be a lesser mileage month. Let’s face it, it’s cold, the holidays take up a lot of time, and you might travel like me. That’s why I’ve already set my December running intention, so I finish the year off strong!

My December Running Intention: Take every opportunity to run.

Traveling to a cold weather climate can be difficult, especially when you don’t live in one. That is why my intention for this month is simple. Over the next two weeks, before I travel to the east coast where its cold, I’m living in a “no slacking” zone. I will take every opportunity to run!


In years past, I would let myself slide in December. I basically cram my entire month into the first half, before I leave Los Angeles for 10 days. This can make December extremely busy and I often get very drained. This year I’m letting go of those old ways. No matter what goes on in the next two weeks, I will get up and run every morning and I won’t burn out.

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Barring a sickness, I am going running. It always sets an amazing tone for my morning, and I always feel like I can take on the world after I run. This helps me get a lot done and it keeps me focused. I have no clue what the weather will be like when I go to the east coast, but I know it will be much colder. If there is too much snow on the ground, it can make it difficult to run. So there’s no time like the present!

My goal for my travels later in December is to run a minimum of five days. Leading up to my trip, I will focus on taking every opportunity to run! The funny thing is, when I don’t run in the morning, I don’t have any more time. If anything, my day starts slower and it aways take me longer to do things.

Make sure that your running intention is aligned with your entire month. Be honest with yourself and set yourself up for success. If your running has slowed over the past couple of months, it’s fine, just make sure you don’t try to go all out this month. If you do set that as your intention, make sure you keep with it.

The worst thing that you can do in December is to set yourself up for failure. That’s the complete opposite of what we’re stressing. We want to end the year with a win! This is about empowering you and your runs. Running is an active sport. You need to mentally and physically be in tune, so if you tell yourself that you might run today, you probably won’t.

Set yourself up for success! Having a successful December will lead you to make a big push into January so you start the year off with one of those huge running months!


Share with me your December running intention. If you’re on Mapmyrun, then “friend” me and we can cheer each other on! Remember to have fun when you run.


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Some days you just need to run. Embrace it as your running motivation. I know I’m using it as mine.

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