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How to be Zen in 9 steps! For step 3 re-evaluate your dreams and goals. This one is key and is the next step in our BuzzChomp video series.


Even if you’re still mastering step 1 and 2, it’s time to add step 3 into the mix. Re-evaluate your dreams and goals. This is clutch to mastering being zen. Sometimes we have a goal that we keep putting off. This is the step you face it head on! See where you are at with it.

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This is a big note to embrace. Even if you’re disappointed with where you are at with this dream or goal do not let yourself judge you for that. Step 3 is to put your goals in perspective and take an active step in achieving it. There is no space for negativity in any of these steps.

I love doing this step during this time of year. You’re getting a jump on the New Year and you’ll be ready to put the pedal to the metal as 2019 starts. No lazy slow begins to the year for you. You’ll be killing it and achieving all your goals!

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Be Zen in 9 Steps!
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