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I recently read that by the middle of January most people have already let their New Years resolutions go! That stinks and that is why no matter what we’ve decided to stay committed to fitness. It’s truly easier than you think by following how to stay commit to fitness.


I implemented my 4 steps about six years. I knew something was missing from my workouts. A big goal was always running outside but I put a wall up against it. For a long time it was because I didn’t feel comfortable running by myself and I thought it was easier to just run on the treadmill at the gym. Once I decided stay committed to fitness I reached my goals.


A big step here is to outline what you want to achieve. For me I wanted to run outside daily but I set intermediate goals for this. It was first to run a few days a week outside and then once I sustain that then I worked toward my end goal.

I’m also a big one for deciding on Sunday when I want to workout for the week. I make a plan and I keep to it. I’m honest with what I have going on and what I can achieve for that week. This helps me be honest with myself and that’s a big way you can stay committed to fitness!

My Fit Mom Journey Continues!

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I love working out and I always make sure I’m having fun. So many of us put up a wall when it comes to getting fit. Let go of that wall by staying committed to fitness!


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