Running Motivation: How To Be A Flawless Runner

I’m a runner! I love to run and it makes me who I am. But I wish I knew how to be a flawless runner from the beginning. It’s a huge help with my fitness and running motivation.


Diary of a Running Chick: January 16th, 2018

I’m a runner! I love to run and it makes me who I am. When I started running at age 13, I definitely didn’t like it, but I kept coming back to running. The more I ran, the more I liked it, and the snowball kept growing. Now years later, I wish I knew how to be a flawless runner when I first started out! It definitely helps with my fitness and running motivation.

Let go of your preconceived notions. Running is often used as a punishment in sports. Growing up, if we did something wrong we’d be forced to run laps. Running is not a punishment! It’s a way to condition your body, so you have to let go of the “punishment” of running. That’s the first step to being a flawless runner.

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Start off slow. Running is one of those activities that people always come back to. Perhaps you were a runner for a few years and then let it go. Maybe you ran six miles daily in the past, but that does not mean you can still do so effortlessly. Make sure you start off slow. It’s easy to get discouraged if you go too hard too fast, and that ruins your running motivation.

Keep an open mind. This is perfect running motivation and it will help you be a flawless runner. Running is difficult, so your body needs to get used to it. It takes time for your body to adjust. There are definitely moments when my legs are too sore to run, but I know that means I’m getting stronger. This is when your running motivation is key. The more you run the more sore you’ll be, but that soreness goes away the more you run!


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Establish a routine. Routine is key to being a flawless runner. Once I set a schedule for myself, I became a more consistent runner. I looked forward to my runs and enjoyed the exercise more. It also made it easier for me to run and run longer. Soon after I was able to run daily and the funny part is, once I got into a groove of running daily, I craved running every single day. It’s all I wanted to do and still is!

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Set milestones! I always set milestones for myself. The first one I set was how many days a week I wanted to run. Then I set a goal of running five effortless miles. It took me a while to do this, but I kept pushing myself until I got closer and closer. Pinpointing when it happened is hard to say, but I realized one day that I had reached both milestones. It was an amazing feeling and it made me into a flawless runner.

I know that I always need to keep my own running motivation in check, which means you do too. I dreamed of being a flawless runner for years. It was a longterm goal of mine and when I let myself own my running motivation, it happened for me. I learned how to be a flawless runner. Don’t let this be your goal every year. I let go of all my excuses and focused on my running motivation.


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