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Lady Bird deserves all its praise! This movie review is part of our BuzzChomp must see movies series. We heard really good things about Lady Bird, so we put it on our movie wish list, hoping we’d get the SAG screener. It came, we watched the film, and it rocked!


We both really enjoyed this film and the time period of it rang true. As far as our movie review, we highly recommend this film for its charm, humor, and gritty reality. Lady Bird takes place in 2002-2003, post 911 and pre-Facebook and cell phone craze. This was a time where both of us also explored ourselves, grew, and questioned every detail of our actions. Lady Bird embodies this and the time period! That alone makes Lady Bird deserving of its praise.

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The film is character driven and deeply explores the relationship of Lady Bird and her mother. It’s complicated but dynamic and unique, as each one shares in the path of this quirky and complex relationship. The film starts by showing you an example of what they share in common, what makes them different, and how each one of them reacts when their worlds collide.

Lady Bird is a slice of life film where each experience, small and large, shapes who she is. It shows the audience that even a simple experience can largely impact ones life, especially at monumental times like graduating high school. Plus she fights back at authority, which is always fun and exciting!

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