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There’s only one Holiday Fitness Tip to remember, commitment. Commit to exercising over the holidays, at least once a week. Simple and effective. Boom!


The holidays are the most challenging time of year for fitness. Your holiday fitness tip is simple, commitment. Commit to meeting your own expectations over the final two weeks of the year. Accomplish your fitness goal for the holidays and you’ll have a habit of fitness for New Years.

Commit to working out both weeks, at least once. Then you can say you exercise every week and take that into 2018! That’s an awesome fitness goal.

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Be honest with yourself. If you do not workout at all, then commit to working out twice over the holidays. That is only once a week, but you will have created a weekly fitness habit. That Holiday Fitness will translate into New Years success. You don’t need resolutions if you already have the habits you crave!

If you are like me and love to exercise, then be realistic and commit to a holiday fitness plan that guarantees success. I am committing to run three to five times over my ten day trip, but plan to workout every day if possible. When I’m not outside running, I will be indoors doing a circuit. Even if it’s a super short routine, I’m still sweating and feeling amazing!

What’s your go to for Holiday Fitness? Comment and share how you find success!

We love Fitness and Health!

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Go out there and dominate your fitness!
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