Celebrate Your Half Year Running Milestones!

running milestones

Join me and celebrate your half year running milestones! Can you believe what we’ve accomplished already? Big or small, pat yourself on the back.


Half of 2019 is gone and those six months were full of accomplishments. Big or small, it’s time to celebrate your half year running milestones! First, pat yourself on the back. You kept up with your running and that’s a major accomplishment. Running takes commitment, so no matter how much you ran these past six months, you must be proud!

A big milestone of mine from the first half of 2019 was finishing Under Armour’s You Vs. The Year challenge. The goal this year was to run 1019 km before December 31st 2019. I completed the challenge during the first week of June! This was my fourth year in the competition and one of my top finishes. During my first year, I finished over Memorial Day Weekend. My second year was the year I gave birth, and I finished at the beginning of July. Last year, I finished by the end of June.

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At the beginning of 2019, my goal was to finish You Vs. The Year by Memorial Day. Unlike my first year doing the challenge, I no longer have access to a treadmill. All of my running took place outside and Los Angeles had an extremely rainy winter. That didn’t stop me! Even with all the rain, I achieved my goal (one week later) and have an amazing running milestone!

Learning to flex and consider goals achieved, even if they take a week or two longer, is crucial to our success and happiness. I completed my challenge a little after my original goal, which is okay! The rough Los Angeles winter was a reality I had to accept. Once I came to terms with having flexibility about my goal, I easily met it and am totally proud of my accomplishment.


running milestones


What running milestones are you proud of hitting? Were you flexible with yourself, or stubborn about the details? Know when to do both. This year I’ve already run 700 miles and I couldn’t have done it without cutting myself some slack along the way. It’s been a commitment and I consistently remind myself that not only do I run every morning, but I also run while pushing a stroller. That alone is an accomplishment I celebrate daily!

Running is my favorite thing to do. I don’t do it for anyone or anything except myself. No matter what is going on in my life, running is my safe place and my time for myself! I reap so many benefits from each run.

Celebrating my half year running milestones gets me so excited for the rest of the year. It makes me determined to run even more. With the warm weather here, I plan on stepping up my distance and my pace. I plan on using my current accomplishments to carry me through the rest of the year.


Remember, running is extremely personal and a unique experience. Even if you have yet to reach the goals you set for the first half of 2019, don’t be hard on yourself and let it bring you down. Be flexible and extend your goals. Make a new milestone and work towards that. Embrace all your successes, starting now until the end of the year!


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